Best 5 Commercial Grade Meat Grinder
in 2020


​LEM #32

⦁  Dimensions: 12 x 24 x 19 inches
⦁  Weight: 74.3 pounds
⦁  Power 1.5 HP
⦁  2-year warranty


​Kitchener Heavy-Duty

⦁ Dimensions: 23.8 x 10.9 x 18.3 inches
⦁ Weight: 75 pounds
⦁ Power 1.5 HP
⦁ Warranty: no info


​Weston #32

⦁ Dimensions: 14.5 x 23.5 x 15.5 inches
⦁ Weight: 77.9 pounds
⦁ Power: 1.5 HP
⦁ 1-year warranty

Do you need a commercial meat grinder? These beasts are excellent for heavy-duty home use (if you are a hunter or grinding large quantities of meat for your dog), restaurants, and butcheries or for anyone who need large quantities of ground meat. All the 5 following commercial meat grinder is a robust, reliable machine that will serve you well for years without any problems, I guarantee it!



LEM Products #32 W-782A Big Bite

​Looking for a grinder that can handle big grinding jobs and feel the power of a powerful machine? This electric meat grinder is a stainless steel unit with a 1-1/2 motor that can grind up to 17 lbs in a minute.

Key Features:

  • Features an induction motor with a turn on and off the capacity of 13 amps
  • Usage of 110 voltage motor 60 HZ and 1100 watts ETL certified
  • All the metal gears have roller bearings
  • Has a built-in circuit breaker, the head is stainless steel, metal pan and auger for durability and rust free
  • Permanently lubricated electric meat grinder
  • The machine housing is stainless steel, with heavy-duty handles for lifting
  • Head hole where the pan is inserted is 2-1/4’’ with a large bite technology
  • 5 years limited warranty

The motor housing is stainless steel and metal gears have roller bearings with a heavy duty handle for ease in moving.

The Lem products electric machine 32 comes with an exclusive technology that allows the auger to take extra bites of meat moving it to the grinder head quickly than other kinds of grinders. The benefit is that the grinder cuts meat faster without any possibility of clogging the machine.

The big bite technology comes with an advanced rifled design of the head which offers a superior second-time grind while eliminating stomping and improve sausage stuffing. Permanently lubricated, circuit breaker, stainless steel knife, auger, head, meat pan and using a 110 voltage this machine operates to deliver 100 percent success to your grinding purposes. The manufactures of LEM offers a warranty for 5 years.


  • The robust nature of the machine is incomparable to any other. Nothing prevents it from cutting perfect slices faster
  • Its weight makes it stable when operating
  • The hand guard is a security aspect. Do not worry about cutting your hand or losing a figure
  • It is affordable and efficient
  • It is much quiet when in operation
  • Can slice different food types
  • Easy to operate


  • Does not have a reverse function
  • Not the best for sausage stuffing


​It is an affordable electric grinder with a high power that allows faster grinding. The weight and size should not worry you as it has a heavy duty handle that allows easy lifting of the machine. Its impressive features make this device a must-have for commercial meat grinding. It comes with a manual and the circuit breaker is an added advantage all together with the impressive stainless steel construction.



Weston #32 W-Pro 1050

​The Weston 3201 is a commercial grade electric meat grinder with 2 grinding plates of 4.5mm medium and 7mm coarse that adds value and ideal for your restaurant and kitchen, hunters or shops that process meat.

Key Features:

  • Grinds 12-18 pounds of meat chunks per minute.
  • For safe use, it is equipped with circuit breaker.
  • It is an all metal gear constructed for ideal grinding purposes and durability.
  • It has an extra-large steel hopper made of stainless steel (15.25 width and 10 lengths and 3.5 in height) with a safety guard.
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning.
  • Constructed of stainless steel.
  • Permanently lubricated and powerful with 2 motors using 120 volts -60 HZ.
  • The throat opening is 2.85’’
  • For portability, it has a sturdy handle.
  • The offset head design with patent pending which features the locking knob that allows meat flow to the maximum
  • The feet are non-slip rubber that keeps the unit stable when in use.

Elk, deer and any fibrous wild meat will be broken into manageable fragments quickly and with ease. It has durable, powerful steel housing that takes on big tasks on grinding big chunks of meat of up to 12-18 pounds in a minute. This commercial meat grinder is made of solid dependable metal with the quiet running of 1500 watts that reduce the amount of noise and a 2HP motors that make grinding fast. It’s easily disassembled for ease of cleaning, the feet are non-slip rubber for stability and a sturdy handle. Weston Series Pro is warranted by the manufacturer for bone and tough meat grinding for a 5 years limited warranty.

It is a device that will definitely add value to you. The blades are made of superb quality steel. This means the grinder is rust free and durable. You spend less than a minute to assemble and disassemble the device when you require to clean it. This aspect helps when you want to grind different types of food. The process is quick and saves time.

Most important, the safety measures are guaranteed for your safety especially the safety fuse. Meat comes out without sticking on the sides of the grinder as the grind rolls are steel made. The food and meat carrier is made of plastic shielded with a stainless steel top. The guide rails made of plastic that surround the food carriage minimize friction when grinding. Weston Pro grinder is a perfect choice for anyone who requires a heavy duty meat grinder for their daily grinding.


  • All metal construction making this grinder durable
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Rust free
  • Reasonable price
  • Rubber footing for stability
  • Perfect for making barf pet food


  • Plastic gears are prone to breakage
  • Heavy to carry around


This electric meat grinder adds value to your restaurant and home. Its workability and efficiency in grinding and making deli foods is a worthy machine. The ability to grind large pounds of meat for a short period of time is undoubtedly the best feature making it a worthy machine to purchase. Say no to store ground meat and start making your own for your family and your pets. This unit gives you a hundred percent customer satisfaction.



Kitchener Heavy Duty Meat Grinder

​It is the high time you have yourself peace mind and get home prepared ground beef safe and clean with the Kitchener commercial grade and heavy duty grinder.

Key Features:

  • A locked air-cooled motor of 3000 Watts incorporated with a circuit breaker for safety
  • For safe use, it is equipped with circuit breaker.
  • The switches are waterproof which assure safety when using the Kitchen meat grinder at home or in any commercial meat shop.
  • The machine has 550 watts motor power to grind the meat efficiently.
  • The motor is air cooled to make the grinding of meat process a success delivering high power and efficiency.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel grinder head, meat pan, and augers. The steel helps the machine to remain durable and free of rust for many years.
  • The patent design with removable drawers so that you arrange the grinder accessories easily.

The machine grinds all the large chunks of meat with the help of the 1100 watts which make it’s efficient and powerful. The grinder is super-fast and delivers 1080lbs per hour.

The grinding process is quiet and powerful with the help of the air-cooled motors making grinding efficient. It is available in heavy-duty stainless steel head grinder, metal pan, and auger. The waterproof switch and the stainless steel construction assures superior safety, durability, and rust free. The steel gear mechanism design and the air-cooled motors make grinding meat a smooth operation that is quiet and efficient that delivers 100% satisfaction.


  • Easy to clean and carry
  • Stainless construction makes it rust free
  • Versatile for various foods
  • Grinds efficiently and fast for raw dog foods
  • Works perfectly when making sausages


  • Prone to technical hitches like the meat clogging


The Kitchener heavy duty commercial grinder is a safe grinder that will make you and the family members feel safe. It is a perfect machine for homes and individual who prefer making homemade meals that are cost effective quickly. It is easy to operate and clean and lightweight making it easy to love around in the kitchen.

Thunderbird TB-300E

​The Thunderbird TB is a grinding machine that is suitable for every home kitchen. It is a heavy duty machine made of high-grade stainless steel reliable under all conditions.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel made for durability and rust free
  • It’s an industrial grade having powerful 115 voltage and 60HZ which makes this machine a super grinder
  • The motors are powerful delivering ground meat fast
  • 500 days warranty

It is super-fast with superior features that increase its versatility. The stainless steel makes the Thunderbird sturdy and durable.

The grinding machine is easy to operate and use. It does well with meat but it can still grind cheese. The machine is made to easily maintain and comes in attractive designs suitable for open kitchens.


  • Highly recommended and worth the price
  • A great design and “light” compared to its size
  • Highly versatile
  • Grinds large pieces of meat in minutes


  • Pricey, even for a good grinder


​It’s a superb product without any flaws, but it has a price. It is perfect for home, restaurants and butcher shops. It makes your cooking a fantastic experience.

KWS TC-22 Commercial 1.5HP

​The KWS Commercial meat grinder is a powerful machine that features slip-resistant feet made of rubber that securely keep the appliance safe and secure on the countertop as you are using it.

Key Features:

  • Rugged but versatile slicer made of stainless steel and aluminum
  • The design makes it easy to clean. The blade, food pusher, deflector, and carriage can be easily removed for effective cleaning.
  • It is 15 and a half inches long and 10 and 3/8 inches wide. It is 11 inches tall and comes with a year warranty
  • It 7-inch blade can slice various food types even up to 3 to 4 inches thin
  • A unique button that locks the food carriage in position to limit access to blade
  • It has 120 watts power motor to drive the food cutting process

It is made if high-quality stainless steel for longer usage and sturdiness. The food is also free of any rust. Motors produce little noise so there is no worry interfering with your neighbors.

The KWS kitchen machine is a heavy duty grinder that is ideal to use for creating sausages, grinding game meat, creating ground beef and making assorted vegetables. It features a 1.5 horsepower for motor and this machine will definitely meet the requirements of a restaurant, deli, and meat processing shop and butcher shops. It can grind approximately 485 lbs. of meat chunks per hour or 8 lbs meat per minute. This makes it a super powerful machine that you need for your daily meat activities.

In addition, the machine is stainless steel constructed that makes it harder and durable and consistent with the CE International Standards on sanitation. The grinder features two lines that show heat dissipation hole on each side of the grinder. This helps to expand the machine service life. The machine handle is attached to the top of the grinder which makes it a more convenient and steady to use the machine.


  • Power-driven for fast grinding of the meat
  • The material used to construct the material makes this machine durable, sturdy and rust free
  • Efficient motor
  • Awesome results and easy to clean


  • Doesn’t have a reverse function
  • The manufacturer doesn’t recommend it for grinding bones


​This is one of the best meat grinders in the market. Due to its efficiency, it is suitable for restaurants, butchers and grinding wild meat for hunters. It is pricey which aligns with its suitability to function well. Going by the features, this is a must-have in your kitchen.

Best practices to follow before using Commercial Grade Meat Grinders

Best Practices For Commercial Grade Meat Grinders

  • A commercial meat grinder needs care and cleaning, after its use, because a large-scale health hazard can result due to carelessness in meat handling. If you finished grinding, grind a slice of bread, that removes the little meat pieces left in the machine. After that, you need the disassemble the grinder and wash it manually. Most of the parts are stainless-steel, but I don’t recommend to use a dishwasher. The slicing blades are very sharp, it can dull if you don’t place it in the dishwasher properly, also the parts will rust and reduce the longevity of your machine.
  • Remove all skin, and silver skin from the meat, because if all these parts will be ground with meat, it can deteriorate the taste of the meat. The vitamins, mineral and all macronutrients of the meat can also be destroyed.
  • Large bones, like beef bones, cannot be ground in a meat grinder. You can ground smaller bones like poultry bones if you want to feed your pet with a raw diet. Commerical meat grinders handle these tasks with ease.
  • Never grind the spoiled and low-quality meat. Spoiled meat, even in the form of a chopped, dried and mashed meat can food poisoning of humans and animals alike who will consume it.
  • All fatty and lean meat can be ground in a commercial meat grinder. The meat that can be ground includes beef, chicken, wild animals, fish, rabbit, rodent, frozen, and bacon.
  • Cuts of the meat can be larger than in usual meat grinders since these machines are more powerful. The fastest way is to chop the meat into cubes and froze them for an hour before grinding. This will make the grinding process fast and smooth, but these beasts can handle basically anything.

Final Verdict

​Commercial meat grinders can be used for small as well as large-scale meat processing. It can be used for restaurants, hotels, butcheries, household kitchen and for heavy-duty home use. You can easily make your own pet food with ground meat and bones. Ground meat contains all nutrients in it. Some people believe that they do not want to feed the whole meat to their dogs as it can cause a choking and gastrointestinal issue, for such people, a commercial meat grinder like 1HP Electric Meat grinder, can be the best choice.

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